About Farm Job Search
We are exclusively an agriculture staffing service. This allows our consultants to identify and match quality personnel with the right agriculture job. Our team has extensive hands-on experience in farm operations so they can relate to your situation and provide better service than a typical placement firm. Our goal is to provide timely, cost effective solutions to employers and job seekers. There are no charges for job seekers and no obligation for employers until an employee is hired.

Farm Job Search has developed ongoing relationships with many farms and agri-businesses over several years. Therefore, we regularly receive job opportunities from employers and have many employee candidates available across the United States. These range from General Managers to Farm Workers including: Dairy Herdsman, Beef Herdsman, Farm Managers, Ranch Management, Swine Production, General Farm Workers, Cattle Feeders, Crop Production Specialists, Crop Workers, Spray Rig Operators, Field Equipment Operators, Mechanics, Agriculture Sales Positions, Calf Managers, Poultry Technicians, Artificial Insemination Specialists (AI), Feedlot Managers, and more.

Positions are updated on a daily basis so check our agriculture job listings often.

Advantages of using Farm Job Search — The personal touch...
  • Experience — from both personal and other farm situations — practical knowledge of farming and the business of farming.
  • Objectivity — the view from the outside helps provide a more clear perspective to evolve a better plan.
  • Independence — we do not have a product to sell — so our comments and recommendations may be more objective.
  • Provide a listening post for confidential interviews held separately with those on the farm — owners, family members, and employees.
  • Provide impartial challenges, ideas, alternatives, and recommendations.
  • Ability to see and emphasize total picture.
  • Willingness to work with other professionals who work with you.
  • Be a facilitator to keep the process on schedule while you continue your day-to-day responsibilities with the farm operation.
  • More reasonable cost (really investment) than usual attorney fees.
  • Our team has hands-on experience in dairy operations which provides more breadth and depth than just a one-person firm.