Dairy Farm Mechanic / Equipment Operator (6213)
Location: Wisconsin
Job Number: 6213
Dairy Farm Mechanic / Equipment Operator position immediately available on a west central Wisconsin family dairy milking 750 cows and cropping 2000+ acres.

The operation is urgently seeking a team member able to repair and operate farm machinery and dairy facility equipment. Individual should be self-motivated and have scheduling flexibility to assist during peak seasons. This is a full time position with competitive pay based on experience.

Position Responsibilities

* Communicate details of repairs made.
* Install new equipment or technology including electrical components.
* Disassemble and reassemble machines and equipment following repair,
testing operation and making adjustments as necessary.
* Maintain, repair, and overhaul farm machinery and vehicles, such as tractors, harvesters, and dairy equipment.
* Examine and listen to equipment, read inspection reports, and confer to locate and diagnose malfunctions.
* Control operations of equipment or systems using gauges, monitors and common sense.
* Dismantle defective machines for repair, using hand tools.
* Repair or replace defective parts, using hand tools, milling and woodworking machines, welding equipment, grinders, or saws.
* Determine and implement maintenance of equipment and barn systems.
* Fabricate new metal parts, using drill presses and other machine tools.

Must hold a valid driver's license
High School Diploma or equivalent

* Uniform service
* Paid vacation after 1 year