Dairy Farm Herd Manager (5781)
Location: New York State
Job Number: 5781
Dairy Farm Herd Manager needed at a large commercial dairy in New York State. The ideal Manager for this position would be one who 1) possess a 4 year college degree, 2) has experience working with DC 305 and Dairy Plan C21, 3) and has worked in a GEA parlor that provides data on cow production and health through RFID readers. Must have the skills and knowledge to reduce the cull rate from mid 40% to low 30% and increase breeding success rates and grow our herd internally by at least 6% per year. Overall, this manager will be responsible for the health, safety and performance of the herd. MUST have extensive experience in leadership and supervisory roles with a history of motivating teams of employees who report directly to you. Future ownership is a real possibility.