Hog Herdsman / Farm Equipment Operator (6156)
Location: Minnesota
Job Number: 6156
Hog Herdsman / Farm Equipment Operator position available on a 2000 acre, 5000 head finish hog operation in south center Minnesota. Duties will include: doing hog chores, hog barn, hog equipment, and shop maintenance. Maintaining farm site appearance and building maintenance. Helping with 2000 acre crop operation. Helping with planting, spraying, tillage, harvest, manure application, and grain hauling with semi. Also may help with the seed dealership which would include: sorting seed in the seed warehouse, and delivering seed to customers.

Experience with hog and / or other livestock is a must. As is experience with running modern farm equipment, tractors, semi, etc. Also having the ability to use current farm technology like GPS, hog barn controls, and grain handling controls would be a plus. Would have opportunity for increased salary if would have the knowledge and or skills to become involved with the sales or agronomy part of the seed dealership. Not every skill listed is need but having experience with some of them is required.

Benefits: 1-2 weeks vacation time with paid time off for starters.